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Why PayGety?

Easy and Convenient


P2P trading platform

Low fees
AdvancedTrading Tools
User friendly

In PayGety we value our customers time, so we have put a lot of effort into making our exchange fast and reliable, executing every order in lightning speed.Our system is built to withstand high volumes to make sure that it is always up and running.We have also implemented new industry leading trading tools to make trading effortless for beginners as well as professionals!

Daily Banking

Fast, convenient and flexible services

IBAN accounts
Crypto-backed credits
Payment Cards
E-Commerce for Merchants
Date of Launch:Q3-4 2019
20% complete

Here at PayGety we provide you with various banking services. Own an IBAN account for FIAT payments, a payment card linked to your assets, get crypto-backed credit and much more. In addition to payments collection we are offering an E-commerce acquiring service for merchants.


Invest today, enjoy tomorrow!

Start Up
Real Estate
Taking business public

It is time to bring real value to the world of cryptocurrencies by introducing security tokens. Our goal is to make investing in real-world assets like shares and real estate easier, faster and cheaper for everyone.Bringing in fascinating projects and offering them to our customers in a tokenized form.

Date of Launch:Q3 2019
25% complete

Paygety Announcements

April 17

Hello PayGety Family!

Last week we began updating our mobile app.Our goal is to make it as easy and convenient as possible, so that it could be used wherever on the go.With the new app you can get your daily banking tasks done as well as buy/sell and trade cryptocurrencies.We have finished developing our landing-page and it will replace our old page this week.In addition to all that we will also add XRP to our buy/sell pairs.If you wish to follow our progress, click like and also follow us on Instagram @PayGety.

April 5

Exchange platform launching in May

We are glad to announce that our p2p trading platform will be soon opened.Live testing is now finished and we are currently fixing the minimal issues found during the process.The final product will be available to our customers in May so stay tuned!

March 28

CV Summit 2019: BUILD towards Crypto Spring

In the end of March I was fortunate enough to visit Switzerland and attend the CV Summit: #BUILD towards Crypto Spring. The event took place in the beautiful city of Zug which is know to be especially fond of new and innovative crypto ecosystems and blockchain solutions.This is how they rightfully earned their second name: Crypto Valley. The summit itself was packed with intriguing panels about many different aspects of the world of crypto. There were discussions about traditional banking vs crypto challengers, Silicon Valley vs Crypto Valley, digital securities and their role in the future of financing, tokenisation and stable coins. I was glad to see that we here at Paygety are definitely moving in the right direction and might be even a step or two ahead of the field. Although working together with others will make the whole industry grow and we are well aware of that. This is why we gladly shared our insights with other projects and learned many things ourselves. We hope to visit Zug again soon enough and will let you all know about our ventures around the world!